Heroes of the Desolation

Episode 3 - April 30th

  • The group meets with Aldus to discuss the events of Kaylee’s Bluff since leaving to find Quinn.
    • Aldus informs group of serial killings of seemingly random strangers around town.
    • Aldus asks for help to convince Tarm Zapf, Tordek’s younger brother, to sell lumber to the town at cost for the reconstruction efforts
  • After long discussion and debate, party decides to free Xell and allow him to join the party
  • Party speaks to Tordek who informs the group that he wants to be their scribe and sing their tales. The group largely agrees.
    • As a part of the agreement, Tordek has offered to provide funding and supplies as well as access to his network of contacts for information
  • The party investigates the bodies at the Temple of the Crashing Tide.
    • Each body has a permanent arcane mark of an owl on its breast. Xell informs us it is the sigil of House Z.
    • Each body has some sort of owl paraphernalia / trinket on it.
    • The party decides to investigate the dwarven girl first. They speak with her parents, who refuse to cooperate by showing the party their breasts.
    • The group attempts to politely convince the parents to show the party their breasts.
    • Khalith attempts to forcefully convince the parents to show the party their breasts.
    • Khalith opens a portal to the space between the stars and summons the arms of Hadar. The arms convince the dwarven mother to surrender. Everyone seems very upset with Khalith about this.
    • The father attempts to set the party ablaze with hellfire.
    • Khalith is assaulted by an unnamed party member who obviously doesn’t like how justice is dispensed.
    • Kat shows the dwarven father what real hellfire feels like.
    • The party captures the unconscious parents.
  • Tim the mad comes to inform the party that Brother Caslon has been attacked.
    • The party rushes back to the temple of the Crashing Wave
    • A group of House Z has knocked out Brother Caslon and are stealing the bodies of the murder victims.
    • The party vanquishes the House Z bastards.
  • House Z has taken the bodies to be “Ascended”
  • The party decides to interrogate the captive parents of Della, Deena and Karbin
    • Dina is intimidated.
    • She is loyal to the cause House Z and remains unconvinced
    • Khalith kills the mother and casts minor illusion to make her appear as her daughter.
    • Karbin is convinced to give the group more information after being convinced that he has been abandoned by his cause. He tells the party that they had made many sacrifices to assure their daughter’s immortality, although he wasn’t sure how this was achieved.
    • Karbin is freed.
    • Carric dispenses great justice to Karbin who is now a threat to the party.
  • The group calls a secret meeting of Kaylee’s Bluff council members.
  • The group goes to Bridgewater’s home after paying for the rubble to be cleared.
  • The house is full of antiquities and notes
    • Some information about how to find Brasov city is located. Bridgewater may have visited something called “Oghma’s Archive” built by the “Architects”
    • Tymor finds a vault, M.I.N.A. opens the vault, the party finds gold, gems, books, scrolls, and lots of information.
    • The party finds Bridgewater’s sketch books journaling his archaelogical expeditions. The most recent drawings depict an inverted pyramid structure filled with rooms of bookshelves and tables. There are also drawings of M.I.N.A. sitting in a strange room filled with devices and tools which you do not recognize.
    • Party moves the library upstairs into the vault
  • The party awaits to meet with the town’s council members.


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